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Project Ethiopia

The Story 

Enpov, a social enterprise, has been doing quite some research into helping smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. There they noticed one big problem which was the distance between the farms and the markets. Currently, smallholder farmers sell their crops to middlemen who then go and sell the products on the market. These middlemen pay the farmers a fraction of what their crops are worth to make a big profit. Together with Enpov we would like to make it possible for farmers to go to the markets themselves and sell their crops which would result in a higher selling price for them and more income. 

The Project 

This project is still under research & development by Enpov to ensure that the most effective way of transportation will be used. This will also be larger scaled than just one smallholder farmer. The goal is to make farmers living in villages better off by connecting them straight with their customers. 

Different solutions are being tested and more news on this will come shortly. 

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