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What 2018 Meant to Us

Another year has flown by and we would like to give you a small review about what The Leaf Foundations was up to in 2018. By all accounts it has been a remarkable year.

We started the year with new hope and funds we gratefully received from our first Christmas event in Dec 2017. With this amount we were able to accomplish the following.

Project Ghana

Our first project with a Ghanian pineapple farmer in Elmina was on our 'love to do' list for a while. With the donations we collected we finally made this a reality.

The Leaf Foundation micro-financed the purchase of a big roll of plastic. This plastic sheet helps keeping the land moist all year round and away from animals. Due to this 'simple' fix Mr. John Essoun is able to harvest the double amount of pineapples than before resulting in a higher income. Within this project our field partner, Ben, will also help facilitate a fair deal between Mr. Essoun and a juice company coming to Elmina, Ghana.

Trip to Ghana

Due to this being our first project in Ghana, our founders decided to travel there at their own expense to set up all that was necessary. Being there and meeting all the amazing people we are working with gave us even more inspiration to continue. Of course we learned that doing projects in underdeveloped countries is not that easy and there are many obstacles we have to overcome such as wiring funds. However, with enough dedication and commitment we can handle the hurdles being thrown at us. Apart from meeting the people who we are currently working with, we also had the opportunity to meet some new men and women who we would love to work with in the near future.

Christmas Fundraiser

On the 8th of December The Leaf Foundation hosted a fundraiser to raise funds for our future projects, strengthen awareness for the cause and inform the guests about the latest projects and achievements. The highlights of the evening were a punch stand, a wall full of donuts and of course our big auction. Centre pieces included photographs showing impressions of the organisation’s journey to Ghana. With the donations raised from the auction and because of your generous donations we are now able to take on new projects. Altogether with your support we raised 1.064 EUR. We want to thank everyone who attended the fundraiser and made the evening such a big success.

Big Shoutout

We would like to thank Bernard Evans Enu who is our field partner in Elmina. He has been a big part of our journey the past year. From acquiring new projects to looking for new solutions and building better ties. We hope that together we can accomplish a lot more.

I would also like to thank anyone who has helped us in any way possible. If it included sharing a FB message to lending an event space or donating to our cause -- a big thanks from all of us!

We promise there is a lot more to come in 2019. Happy New Year everyone!

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