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Enpov is a social enterprise that is developing affordable substitute products leveraged with exponential technologies of working animals and grid-dependent solutions to revolutionize rural mobility and small-scale agriculture in the sub-Saharan area of Africa.


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Frauenzimmer, a winery founded by young 4 women.  The 4 of them have set themselves the goal to combine two wine regions in two wines; Frauenzimmer White and Frauenzimmer Red. In 2016, they united all four wine growing regions for the first time in their Frau Sparkling. 


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MyTea, a start-up which lets people customise their own teas, has vowed to donate 5% of their profits to our cause. The young start-up believes in doing good and contributing to the community. Not only do they want to contribute through donations, they also have the intent to work with farmers and support them by buying products directly from them. 



Become a partner or sponsor our next event. Together we can truly accomplish more. To be considered for partner- or sponsorship please send an email to 

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