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Poultry Farm Project Senase

The Story 

A few years ago The Godfreds Foundation together with Fredrick Benneh built a school in Senase, Ghana. It was clear to Frederich Benneh that the education in his village was not sufficient, therefore they worked together towards building a school that would really put the education of students first. 

However, Fredrick Benneh has observed over the past years that the 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch, which the 397 students receive never really contain any protein. To change this the idea grew to build and manage a poultry farm together with the villagers. In this way students will have a richer diet which would include eggs and meat as well as villagers that would be able to work on the farm and gain an income. The farm is supposed to become self sustainable and profitable, while employing multiple members from the community.

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The Project

To achieve this a new poultry farm will have to be build from the ground up. The land is already at their disposal but they would still require funding for all the building materials, working hours and of course little chicks. The total project requires 37,570 USD in funding (see breakdown in file). We will be funding this project piece by piece since the construction work happens in different stages. The payback of the loan will happen on a profit share basis, where 30% of the profits will be send back to The Leaf Foundation. 

During the construction about 50 people will be employed from the village and gain an income. After constructions are completed 10 members from the community will have a lasting job. We really look forward to this project to be completed not just because it will help students with better nutrition but really uplift the community by creating new jobs. 

We Need You Now

To make this project a reality we require your help. Any incoming donations made to this project will immediately go towards the building of the farm. We understand if you are not in a position to fund this project, but if you would still like to help sharing this on social media or spreading the word would really mean a lot to us. :) 

Here is a small breakdown of what your funds could buy: 


Chick $2

2000 little chicks are needed


Brick $0.5

4200 building blocks are needed


Cement Bag $8.25 

200 bags of cement are needed

Larger breakdown of funding.
Let's make this work! 
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